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Hard Work VS Inspired Action

Jun 18, 2019

“Hard work and struggle are the only ways to make it to the top in this world.” Have you ever heard this? Or something like it? I sure have…from my father for most of my life to dozens of present day motivational speakers I’ve heard even recently.

To think that “hard work and struggle” are the only ways to find success in this life is a tough mindset to take on. I carried that mindset for a very long time…until I learned a different one.

Don’t get me wrong – taking action in life is important. In fact, it’s critical to be able to move forward, to progress. But, what I’ve learned is that inspired action is so much more powerful and literally trumps hard work every time!

So, what's the difference between action that would be considered "hard work" versus action that would be consider "inspired"?

Hard work is usually what we do based on that good old external motivation – the feeling we have to, need to or should do something.

Inspired action is when we do something because we want to, feel led to or simply are inspired to! Inspired action is where it’s at.

What you need to do is take time for yourself regularly to turn inward and find out what makes YOU tick. What matters to you? What are you passionate about? What inspires you? Then, take action from that place.

I’ve found in the past that when I dig in and grind it out, as I was taught to do, I not only didn’t feel fulfilled, I felt worn out and frustrated.  But when I’ve been able to jump out of bed excited to get started on something that I was passionate about and inspired to do, whoah, watch out ‘cause this girl is on fire!

You see, the really interesting thing is that hard work and inspired action tend to look exactly the same from the outside. Both are “action” to the world around you. The difference is that hard work will almost always fatigue and drain you while inspired action is not only more powerful but it will actually fill you up! People will wonder how you accomplish so much and yet seem so calm, content and happy!

This quick video can be your reminder of this important concept anytime you need it:


So, take some time for you to tap into what desires and passions rest on your heart, just waiting for you to bring your attention to them so they can because to inspire and lift you up into the fullness of who you are!

I wish for you a lifetime of INSPIRED ACTION…with plenty of much needed down time in between. 

Sending you much love,



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