Are You Ready To... 

Break Through Barriers to Become The Uplifter You Know You're Meant To Be?

Make a Huge Positive Impact AND a Great Income doing your heart's work?

Enjoy Success & Fulfillment in business and in your personal life?

Expand Your Knowledge & Skills So You Can Be Of Even Greater Benefit To The World?

If you said “Yes” to any of the above, then you are ready to BE A WOMAN EMPOWERED.

And, sister, you have found your tribe.

The modern-day definition of what it means to empower someone is to ‘make stronger and more confident’. It also means to ‘help someone realize their abilities and potential.’

If that’s what it means “to empower” nowadays then this is Kimberly’s super power.

She’s helped thousands of female leaders in a variety of roles transform their life experience as well as expand their knowledge, confidence and ability to positively impact those whose lives they touch.

She understands from her own experience that it’s hard to know exactly what to do, what to focus on, how much time to spend…and once you do know, it can be hard to hold yourself accountable and stay on track. Life gets busy…and old, unhelpful patterns often resurface.

Leaders like you are true Difference Makers who want to make a bigger positive impact without the potential adverse effects that can often be a part of our life experience when we commit to being an uplifter for others.

You see – a common cycle for women leaders is this:

Give - Give - Give - Give - Give - CRASH

You give so much to others – family, friends, work, community – that you have nothing left for yourself. This can cause not only stress and exhaustion but even resentment. It definitely doesn’t work long-term.

You just flat out get burned out. And when you get burned out like that often, you eventually don’t even have much to give to others either. Then you feel guilty for that!! It’s crazy! Yet it’s so common.

The world needs us as the best version of ourselves; so, it is critical now more than ever that we change the cycle

The Women Empowered Leadership Collective brings together coaching and support for leadershipprofessional development, business strategy, mindset and personal growth.

It is your loving support and accountability tribe, your space for inspired education and collaboration. It is your empowerment and refueling system so you can be a true Difference Maker who doesn’t get worn out from it. It…is…awesome!

After decades in teaching and leadership roles, Kimberly has cracked the code for mastering the ability to serve, be there for and uplift others without depleting yourself. And she has a God-given ability to see and help unleash greatness in others in a really supportive and empowering way.

In Kimberly’s words:

“It has been a long road filled with its share of challenges; but, I've come through it all feeling stronger, blessed and truly happy. So, when I see other amazing women who just want to be a positive light in the world struggle the way I once did, I want nothing more than to throw them a life line. Courses, books and events are powerful and inspiring. In fact, they’re a necessary and regular part of my life, but when you get to the end of each of these, you find yourself on your own again to take on life. THIS is why I created the Women Empowered Leadership Collective. You are no longer alone. We will lock arms to be strong role models and make the world a better place TOGETHER…all while ensuring you feel uplifted and supported every step of the way!” 


Is the Women Empowered Leadership Collective for you?

Do you find yourself feeling…

  • A strong desire to make a bigger positive impact on others but you don't know where to start?
  • Like you know you have a lot to offer but you're unsure what to focus on to make it happen?
  • Unsure how to do it all without losing yourself in the process?
  • Burned out because it feels like you're constantly giving from an empty cup? 
  • Frustrated because you want so much to make a positive impact on others but you just feel stuck in your own life. 

It’s Time To Take Your Power Back & Be The Leader You Came Here to Be.

Yes, it’s time to reclaim your time, your energy, your value and ultimately…your life while still being a powerful uplifter in the lives of others. It's Win-Win-Win-Win for absolutely everyone!!!

Here’s what you get, at-a-glance:

During the first gathering each month,  Kimberly will offer insight and training based on a hot topic (or topics) requested by our members, just like you! Topics can absolutely include both personal and professional development.  

The second gathering each month is focused on support and collaboration. These Zoom meetings are an opportunity to "check in" with each other as a community as well as brainstorm, create solutions, and celebrate wins

You’ll get to join our incredible private Facebook group reserved for only members of the Women Empowered Leadership Collective. Here  is where you go between meetings to ask questions, share, support and be supported!

And There Are BONUSES!

You get to download Kimberly's highly acclaimed Life Boost guide to support you on your journey. It offers amazing information to help you understand, prioritize and implement key habits in your life that will both make a huge difference AND fill your cup! ($19 value)

The “Fierce, Fit & Fully Inspired” 21-Day Challenge is a one of a kind journey with equal parts perspiration and inspiration. It offers kickboxing, yoga and strength training routines created and led by Kimberly. There's no equipment or experience needed. ($21 value)

Perhaps you already have a movement routine that works for you. But, if you're looking for more, we've got you covered. In your member's area, you'll have access to a workout library that includes kickboxing, yoga, strength training and fusion training. (priceless!)

Life is too short to play small and let one more single day slip through your fingers not feeling empowered to make the kind of positive difference you came here to make while living the life you actually wish you were living for yourself!


When you sign up for the full year option, you'll not only save $$, you'll also receive Kimberly's signature online training program - The Inspired Life Project!!

T.I.L.P. delivers 6 powerful modules of experiential learning that provides a strong foundation for you to live your happiest, most authentic life - this is something we ALL want and need; but, it's especially important if you want to be able to have what it takes to nurture others! ($297 value!!) 


Just Imagine Feeling…

  • Excited to jump out of bed every morning, focused and looking forward to the day ahead!
  • Re-energized, knowing you can make a huge positive impact on others without losing yourself!
  • More clarity, courage and confidence as you move forward on your path of leadership!
  • Like you're challenging yourself to grow on a personal level so others can benefit from you tapping into your own greatness!
  • Massively powerful as a part of an incredible, uplifting tribe of other women leaders, all ready to support and celebrate you.

Being a Member of the Women Empowered Leadership Collective is Only
$19/month or $190 for the year (that’s 2 months free)!

  • Receive guidance and skills to help you live the kind of life you want to be living. And know you can pay it forward by sharing these teachings with those you serve and support(your family, friends, clients, etc).
  • Be a part of the most powerful and inspirational group of like-minded women leaders on the planet! And you’ll be able to easily stay connected with them through our private Facebook group. You can go here anytime to ask your questions, share your struggles and insights as well as inspiration and a-ha’s you experience along the way.
  • Enliven yourself through the personal growth challenges, all designed to take only a handful of minutes but provide tremendous benefit and positive impact.
  • Plus enjoy your bonuses of the Life Boost and 21-Day Challenge to give you even more momentum for the journey.
  • Know that there’s NO obligation — you can cancel at any time.
  • And remember, if you join for the year, you ALSO get The Inspired Life Project - a game-changer for sure. 


What Others Have to Say About Working With Kimberly:

Kimberly’s positivity and genuine interest in me left quite the impression.  I felt inspired, which is something I hadn’t felt in a long time.  My confidence in my ability increased as did my self-esteem and self-worth.  I am now happily doing exactly what I want with my life and will always be forever grateful to Kimberly. ~Holly K.

Kimberly’s coaching opened the door for me because so many things she taught really got me to see what was possible. ~Raeanne N.

Working with Kimberly, I’ve really grown as a person.  She is the shining example of a true leader, changing the lives of everyone she meets for the better.  Kimberly leads from the heart and I am extremely proud and grateful to call her my mentor! ~Kaycee D.

There are few I know who have equal parts vision, execution, heart and integrity. She is driven by purpose, fueled by authenticity and powered by doing the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do. Whatever your need, whatever your vision, whatever your challenge, Kimberly is the person you want at your table to help you figure it out and get it done. ~Petra K.

I’ve learned firsthand that Kimberly has an uncanny knack to see the best in you before you even have a glimmer of awareness of it yourself. She is generous with her time, steady and even keeled, with a wicked sense of humor that seems to come out of nowhere and send you into fits of laughter. This is one special person. I’ve met no one else like her. ~Donna T.


Join Women Empowered Today!

Just choose the option that works best for you:


What is Women Empowered?

Women Empowered is a community of women leaders who have made the wise choice to lock arms to make a bigger positive impact on others, all while each living their best life. The empowerment comes in a number of different ways – guidance on what to focus on through hot topics, trainings, tools and live Q&A sessions easily accessible because they're delivered online. You get all of this plus an amazing community to both lift you up and hold you lovingly accountable for the good work you're doing for yourself. You deserve to make the progress you seek; and without support and accountability, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns of habit that will not serve you. Simply put - Women Empowered fills your cup and supports you so you can be the uplifter you want to be without burning out and losing yourself in the process!

How is Women Empowered different?

Women Empowered is led by our Chief Difference Maker, Kimberly Spreen-Glick. She has been a leader and coach in the health, wellness and personal development world for over 25 years. For 15+ of those years, you would find Kimberly creating national programs, developing business plans and managing teams as well as delivering workshops and lectures at conferences all over the world. Kimberly chose to step away from her high-level corporate role in 2017 fueled by her desire and passion for empowering female Difference Makers with both the professional and personal growth tools and guidance they need to maximize their impact while living their happiest, most inspired lives!

Is Women Empowered for me?

No matter where you are on your path, this community and program can offer you support, tools and positive momentum. If you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated – we’ve got your back. If you’re feeling burned out and exhausted – we’ve got your back. If you’re feeling frustrated and alone, we’ve got your back. And if you’re already living a fabulous life and making a huge positive impact for those you serve – we’ll help you keep it that way…and make it even better!! The Women Empowered Leadership Collective is for ANY woman who wants to own her worth, stand in her power and make a difference for others while honoring herself every step of the way.

How do I access the content within the community?

There are 3 easy-to-use platforms we've invested in to help us make the magic come to life:

  1. Facebook – this is where we will primarily communicate day-to-day. Most of us are already on FB so this one’s easy!
  2. Zoom – this is where we’ll meet up for our live group coaching calls each month. It’s a video conferencing platform and it’s the next best thing to being in a room together!
  3. Kajabi – all the trainings will be recorded and this is the ‘member’s area’ where they’ll be kept for you in case you miss the training live or want to review it again! *This is also where you access your bonuses!

How much of my time do I need to commit to this?

That is completely up to you. The lessons are recorded so you can watch on-demand anytime and the live group coaching sessions will generally last an hour, but are optional. Hey - even 5 minutes a day focused on improving your life experience would be better than 0, right? So, go easy on yourself and let this journey unfold without feeling like this is one more obligation on your to-do list. That would totally defeat the purpose! This community and what it offers is all about recharging your soul – but you get to decide how much of the deliciousness you want on any given day!

What do I need to do if I decide to cancel?

While we would hate to ever see you leave, we get that sometimes circumstances and needs change; so, we make it simple…

If you’ve chosen the annual option, you have a whole 30 days after joining to see how much Women Empowered can support and inspire you on your journey. If within that 30 days, you feel like it’s not for you, just send an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive a full refund. Your access to the community and its content will be suspended immediately.

If you’re on the monthly plan, you can cancel anytime by sending an email to [email protected] and the following month will not be charged. You will have access to the community until the end of the monthly cycle you’re in at the time you communicated your wish to cancel


For over 25 years in the wellness industry, Kimberly has been blessed with many opportunities as a teacher, trainer, coach, program developer and director to work with countless great programs, companies and people. She has presented workshops on fitness, yoga and personal development at conferences all over the world and served as the national director of group fitness, yoga and indoor cycle at Life Time, the Healthy Way of Life Company for 10 years.

Kimberly is the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year, an ERYT and YACEP with the Yoga Alliance, co-creator of the 5 Star Instructor Development program and EMPOWER! Events as well as founder of The Inspired Life, LLC and star of several highly acclaimed exercise videos.

After many years of diving deeper into the study of personal development, positive psychology and happiness, Kimberly chose to step away from the corporate world in 2017 to begin The Inspired Life, LLC. She now happily focuses her time and energy on being a mom as well as living out her passion for helping other women live their most inspired life.

Kimberly considers herself an enthusiastic student of life and fills her cup through helping others feel empowered to be themselves and live the life they were meant to live allowing their authentic light to shine. Because she knows that, when we let our light shine, it naturally allows us to help others shine their light as well. According to Kimberly, “We’re all in this together…and together, we’re so much stronger than any one of us could be on our own.”

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