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Do any of these statements seem familiar?

I am exhausted from the moment I wake up until my head hits the pillow at night.

I struggle to find joy in each day and am wondering when (or even if) I’ll find that spark again.

I pour my heart and energy into taking care of everyone else but never myself.

I get frustrated because there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done and I ultimately feel buried by my to-do list.

I feel like I’ve lost sense of who I am and sometimes don’t even recognize the woman staring back at me in the mirror.

I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do next. Why am I here? What’s my purpose?

I didn’t Google these statements nor did I make them up. All I had to do was think back and remember because these were MY thoughts not too many years ago. But then, with the help of many guides and coaches along the way, I learned that, not only does it not HAVE to be this way, it’s NOT SUPPOSED to be this way!!

I learned how to live an inspired life…the kind of life I get to jump out of bed every day to enjoy. Living an inspired life doesn’t mean there won’t ever be challenges again; but, it allows you to know that you have the power over your own life and you can move through challenges with more ease…and without losing yourself.

As I look around and see women who are struggling with all the thoughts, beliefs and obstacles I once struggled with, what I want to more than anything is throw a life line, from my heart to theirs…from my heart to yours.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

I created a coaching program for women only called
“The Inspired Life Project”.

I created this program for YOU to help you reconnect with your souls’ purpose and give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to live out that purpose daily. This program will equip you with information and practices so you can thrive, surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand your struggles and are walking this journey with you!

Now is your time to step into the life you know you should be living! A life of enthusiasm, joy, and fulfillment. It’s your time to live The Inspired Life!


In this 4-week coaching program, you will transform your beliefs & create a new mindset for what is possible in your life! You will learn how to:

  • Create the ultimate vision for the life of your dreams
  • Implement simple daily practices that will transform your experience
  • Connect with, understand and be confident in your inner guidance
  • Reframe negative situations and find new meaning in life’s challenges
  • Let go of what does not serve you and reclaim your personal power
  • Be present for this big, brilliant, beautiful life that, until now, has felt like it is passing you by
  • Fall in love with yourself and the unique beauty you bring to this world
  • Honor yourself in a world that seems to be constantly trying to turn your attention elsewhere
  • Shift your perspective so you can spend the vast majority of your time in a state appreciation
  • Be present for this big, brilliant, beautiful life that, until now, has felt like it is passing you by
  • Move into being the strongest yet most loving version of yourself, increasing your capacity for compassion in all areas of your life…both for you and everyone you care for

How will we do it? I’m so glad you asked! Here’s what you’ll receive over the course of our 4 weeks together:

  • 4 Live Group Training Calls With Kimberly
    • Week 1: The Big Picture: We’ll kick things off by explaining the universal energy cycle that exists for us all, how you can create the vision you want for your life and then how to make use of power of that energy cycle as well as the PR Method to make your vision become your reality.
    • Week 2: Discover Your Light: This week, we’ll discuss tools and practices that can help you shift attention away from the static and chaos and instead tune in to who you really are so you can live from an authentic place every day while tapping into a powerful resource within.
    • Week 3: Embrace Your Light: Week three is all about the important of self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-LOVE. We’ll discuss how you can move past the potential guilt to better honor yourself in a balanced way that creates a win for all.
    • Week 4: Shine Your Light: The greatest gift you can give to yourself or anyone in your life really is to be who you authentically are. You see, when you stand in the fullness of who you are, not only will you feel the joy of that but you’ll inspire others to do/feel the same.
  • Access to a Member’s Area: All the calls will be recorded and made available to you in your member’s area along with the additional tools and resources.
  • A Weekly Personal Growth Challenge: This is one of the most powerful parts of the process. These personal growth challenges, which take no more than a handful of minutes will really help the lessons sink in and resonate.
  • A Weekly Movement Challenge: A huge part of our overall, wholistic wellness is moving our bodies. While there are boundless ways to do this, I’ll be offering a movement routine each week to give you an additional option!
  • Membership to a Private Facebook Group: This is where we’ll meet to connect, support and celebrate each other in between calls.
  • Weekly Check In: Each week, I’ll jump into the FB group live to make myself available to check-in with you, answer questions, etc

I’ll offer additional resources and support based on what the group needs and I can’t wait to see how that unfolds!

To be clear - this program is not about transforming you. It is transforming of your life experience and YOU ARE READY!

What is now possible when you live a life true to yourself?

Unlimited joy, passion, contentment, days that flow with ease rather than filled with tension, gratitude, optimism, peace.


I am so passionate about helping women live their inspired life because I know all too well the heartache and pain that comes when we doubt ourselves, our worth, our ability…and choose to live for others, not ourselves.

I understand the frustration of constantly feeling drained, overwhelmed and not in control of your days. This is your opportunity to move beyond the hurt and step into a life of joy and contentment!

This program is an opportunity to put the power of your life back in your hands and no longer let others hold the key to your happiness. 

Here’s what a few other amazing women have to say about working with Kimberly:

When I met Kimberly, her positivity and genuine interest in me left quite the impression. 

I felt inspired, which is something I hadn't felt in a long time.  She helped me uncover talents I didn't even know existed...she built me up which helped me in turn build others up.  My confidence in my ability increased as did my self-esteem and self-worth. 

I am now happily doing exactly what I want with my life not because I was asked why, but because I was asked why not. I will always be forever grateful to Kimberly for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.  

~ Holly K.

It was because of Kimberly’s program, I launched what became the biggest offering I’ve ever put out there.

It’s called ‘Are You Enough’, an 8-week course for women on self-acceptance and it has exploded! Kimberly’s coaching opened the door for me because so many things she said really got me to see what was possible.

~ Raeanne N.

In the time I worked with Kimberly, I not only grew in my professional life, but more importantly as a person.

She is the shining example of a true leader, changing the lives of everyone she meets for the better.  Kimberly leads from the heart and I am extremely proud and grateful to call her my mentor!

~ Kaycee D.

I’ve learned firsthand that Kimberly has an uncanny knack to see the best in you before you even have a glimmer of awareness of it yourself.

She is generous with her time, steady and even keeled, with a wicked sense of humor that seems to come out of nowhere and send you into fits of laughter. This is one special person. I’ve met no one else like her.

~ Donna T.

There are few I know who have equal parts vision, execution, heart and integrity.

Kimberly is one of those. She is a leader, mentor, visionary and creative. Kimberly is able to create programs and products that the world is missing. She is driven by purpose, fueled by authenticity and powered by doing the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do. Whatever your need, whatever your vision, whatever your challenge, Kimberly is the person you want at your table to help you figure it out and get it done. 

~ Petra K.

Working with Kimberly really assisted me in understanding how people are different in how they live and move in this life, yet it all has value and is extremely important in the functioning of the common good.

Through working with her, I was better able to be accept, understand and grow myself. Most importantly, Kimberly demonstrates leading with love and is an example to how that approach, above all others is the foundation of success in any endeavor in life. She also taught me that Ruby Tuesdays has an awesome Salad Bar.

~ Jennifer R.C.

Listen to Donna share about her experience working with Kimberly!


The above are just a few examples of what’s possible for you...

Through the Inspired Life Project, you will re-connect with who you are and what brings you joy so that you can have energy, excitement and fulfillment in your life once again.

Most women are living their lives in survival mode. Feeling stuck, burnt out & like they are not enough. Barely getting through each day. They have lost their passion, excitement and are looking for joy in outside circumstances not even realizing that they’re giving their power away. They often feel hopeless and alone.

If this is you on any level, please know that it doesn’t have to be this way!!

Beautiful One, there is still time, the world needs you and it needs you at your best, because when you are living true to your soul’s purpose you will regain your spark, energy and light that leads to living an inspired life of impact, full of purpose & full of joy!

What’s possible when you live an inspired life?

  • Showing up as the best version of you for yourself and others.
  • Having energy to get through each day with enthusiasm
  • The experience of saying: ““Good morning God!”, instead of “Good God, it’s morning.”
  • The ability to make effective decisions and take action for yourself centered around what brings you joy!

It’s time to put your soul signature on this life.

I wonder…

What would YOUR inspired life look like?

Say YES to the potential that awaits you through the Inspired Life Project.


If you’re someone who wants to see a transformation in your life, then you know it requires making a new level commitment for those results to be achieved, it takes setting aside old beliefs and believing in new possibilities for your life!

But even knowing that, you may be wondering to yourself:

“Do I even have time in my day to be a part of this program?”

If you are someone who is serious about regaining control of your life and taking charge of your days that means you already know investing time in yourself is required.  Sure, you could say your schedule is too busy and that you do not have the time to add something else to your to-do list, but how is thinking that you don’t have the time helping you? How much more time are you going to lose spreading yourself thin? How much time could you save if you stopped procrastinating on work that drains you and instead were productively in tasks that inspired you!

“Can I rationalize investing this money in me right now?” 

Yes, it takes an investment to receive the kind of coaching and guidance necessary to transform your life experience. But think of the expense of NOT taking this action for yourself. How much more money will you spend on various types of “therapy” if you do not address the problems in your life? How much will you have to invest in fixing this same issue or challenge a year from now if it continues to progress? Wouldn’t it be better to invest in a solution now rather than live in the pain and frustration for one more day?



“Shouldn't I be able to handle my problems on my own?”

None of us were meant to take on this journey called life alone. If you want to be successful in living a life that fuels your soul, you know deep down you need to change what you have been doing. Of course, you recognize that continuing to try to handle these issues on your own has not been serving you and to really see the life transformation that you want you need support as we all do from time to time.  You need a coach to help guide the way. And I would be honored to help you!

“Others are counting on me. How can I put myself first for this?”

You may think it is your duty as a mom, a spouse or a friend to put others before yourself and that make sense because we are born with instincts to care for other but how can you properly care the best for others when you yourself are worn out, drained and tired…frustrated from the day in and day out pain of a hectic exhausted schedule and living less than what you know you are capable of? If you are not putting yourself first who is?

About Kimberly:

For over 25 years in the wellness industry, Kimberly has been blessed with many opportunities as a teacher, trainer, coach, program developer and director to work with countless great programs, companies and people. She has presented workshops on fitness, yoga and personal development at conferences all over the world and served as the national director of group fitness, yoga and indoor cycle at Life Time, the Healthy Way of Life Company for 10 years. Kimberly is the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year, an ERYT and YACEP with the Yoga Alliance, co-creator of the 5 Star Instructor Development program and EMPOWER! Events as well as founder of Karma Warriors and star of several exercise videos.

After many years of diving deeper into the study of personal development, positive psychology and happiness, Kimberly chose to step away from the corporate world in 2017 to begin The Inspired Life, LLC. She now happily focuses her time and energy on being a mom as well as living out her passion for helping other women live their most inspired life.

Kimberly considers herself an enthusiastic student of life and fills her cup through helping others feel empowered to be themselves and live the life they were meant to live allowing their authentic light to shine. Because she knows that, when we let our light shine, it naturally allows us to help others shine their light as well. According to Kimberly, “We’re all in this together…and together, we’re so much stronger  than any one of us could be on our own.”

Together with Kimberly and an amazing group of incredible women, you will have the tools, practices, support and encouragement you need to regain control of your life! You will soon realize how much better life can be when you shift your mindset and make healthy choices as well as love, honor and take care of yourself…and these improvements will not only be better for you but also everyone around you, everyone you hope to be present for!

Your life will have a new focus and meaning and when the time comes, you will get to look back at the end of your days knowing that you lived a life true to your heart instead of a life you felt you had to live for others. No regrets. There’s nothing better than that.


I am so grateful and excited for the women who are ready to say YES to living an Inspired Life.

I am excited for all the potential that awaits you inside of The Inspired Life Project!

It’s time to start loving YOURSELF and YOUR Life Again! It’s Time To Live An Inspired Life!


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